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USA: Trans America Challenge 2018 – 22-days and over 8,000 kilometres from Charleston to Seattle 27 May – 17 June

May 27, 2018 @ 8:00 am - June 17, 2018 @ 5:00 pm


BOCA Club members, Paul Hickman and Sebastian (Bas) Gross (of Peking to Paris fame), are competing in the Endurance Rally Association's 8,000-kilometre Trans-America Challenge 2018 in Paul's Bristol 403, Silvia, from Charleston to Seattle.  


Sunday, 27 May - Sunday, 17 June 2018

The Endurance Rally Association Team has been hard at work planning a true ‘hum-dinger’ of a challenge for 2018 and is thrilled to open up the entry book for the third running of the iconic Trans-America Challenge.

ERA and American historic rally guru, Steve McKelvie, have joined forces to ensure that the exciting all-new route will satisfy a competitive and adventurous spirit as well as guaranteeing that once engines stop at the end of each day, entrants get to experience the very best of American hospitality.

Starting in Charleston on 27 May and finishing in Seattle on 17 June 2018, the three-week fusion of competitive historic rallying and road trip will clock up 8,000 kilometres of breathtaking sights and scenery.  As well as taking in little-known back roads, the route encompasses deserts, oceans, mountains, flat plains, small towns and big cities, and features gravel tests, forest regularities and race circuits.

Four rest days have been built into the route to give entrants the chance to take in Nashville, New Orleans, Santa Fe and Aspen.  In addition, scheduled visits to places such as the NASCAR Hall of Fame in Charlotte are also part of the experience.

Pre Start – Charleston, South Carolina

The Dewberry Charleston hotel is the venue selected as the start hotel of this iconic drive.  It has a great location and there’s lots of parking for the pre-event scrutineering and fettling…

Day 3 - Charlotte to Nashville 3

Day 1 – Charleston, South Carolina to Charlotte, North Carolina

This first day of the rally is geared to settling in with just a couple of short regularities to negotiate as the team head towards Charlotte, driving through flat country littered with mobile homes and tiny churches.

A visit to the spectacular NASCAR Hall of Fame will mark the end of the day’s motoring before making tracks to their hotel for the night.

Day 2 – Charlotte to Highlands

Day 2 - Charlotte to Highlands 2


Today will be mainly… tremendous! Get ready for the fabulous rally roads that await participants.

Carrying on the ‘tremendous’ theme, the lunch halt will not disappoint. Organised in a quirky venue in Asheville, it’s the sort of place made for Endurance Rally Association events. Repleted, the team will  head onwards through yet more mountain roads to the fabulous hotel they are staying in, located in Highlands, North Carolina.

Day 3 – Highlands, North Carolina to Nashville, Tennessee

During the recce, the weather upon departure was a bit miserable but then the sun broke through and the stunning scenery took organisers' breath away!

During the morning the organisers remained in the mountains and tested a scenic half gravel/half asphalt regularity alongside a river.  It’s a lovely road, set amid a backdrop of beautiful scenery and ticks a lot of boxes on the ‘great ERA road’ checklist.

The Dragon’s Tail pass between the states of North Carolina and Tennessee is legendary.  A bit too legendary, as it turns out, because it was packed with bikers, camper vans and very slow traffic. Obviously, NOT something that participants want to encounter on their adventure, thank you very much…

So, the organisers backtracked and took an alternative pass, the Cherohala Scenic Skyway that climbed to 1500m/5000ft with plentiful twists and turns before another riverside regularity on smooth asphalt which is sure to keep participants entertained!

The afternoon’s route takes participants into the flat lands and then onto a couple of dirt oval race circuits so we they can kick up their wheels and get dusty. The final regularity is laced with a potentially tricky final timing point that should make for lively discussions in the bar of the hotel in Nashville that night!

Day 4 – Nashville - Rest Day

The first rest day of the event will give participants the chance to kick back in the home of country music.  There’s loads to do in this interesting city - not all of it involving guitars!  Soak up the atmosphere and take a load off.

Day 5 – Nashville to Memphis

During the recce, organisers found a fabulous parkway where they covered almost 100km/62miles without encountering any traffic, fast food stops, advertising hoardings etc. Utter bliss.

Testing out the regularities they built up quite an appetite.  Fortunately, they came upon the Pickwick Dam where they enjoyed a wonderful Southern home-cooked meal. One of the popular offerings on the menu was a local dish of “waffle” fries served with pulled pork and topped with melted cheese – it was deliciously not good for you.

The afternoon’s challenge comes courtesy of a few more regularity tests before an easy arrival into Memphis and the Mississippi River.

Our overnight halt is the Peabody Hotel; the grand old lady of Memphis. With a bit of luck, participants will get there early enough for one of them to be crowned ‘The Duck Master’ during the curious late afternoon ceremony held at the hotel.  Yep, it’s Quackers.

The famous Beale Street is only a block away for some late-night entertainment.

Day 6 – Memphis, Tennessee to Jackson, Mississippi

Day 6 - Memphis to Jackson Mississippi

Quite by chance, on the route south and away from the highway, the organisers discovered the little town of Tunica. Within minutes, the Town Clerk, Chief of Police and Deputy Mayor all agreed the rally participants should have a morning stop there. So, that’s what they will be doing!

The organisers then went to the banks of the Mississippi and drove along a levee – sadly, in a Ford not a Chevy… Leaving the great river behind them, they travelled through some of the more remote areas of the South before coming across the Native America equivalent of Stonehenge where there is a curious museum. Perfect for an outdoor lunch!

Acres of farmland, some gravel roads and a basic afternoon ‘grocery’ stop make up the afternoon’s route before the final gravel regularity of the day and a really easy route into the hotel for the night in Jackson, Mississippi.

Day 7 – Jackson, Mississippi to New Orleans, Louisiana

The participants will have a very easy exit from Jackson, using the splendid Natchez Trace Parkway they encountered on day five. Minor roads then take participants cross-country to their lunch halt in an art gallery/coffee shop, which will kindly open especially for them today!

Rested and reloaded, they will head to Lake Pontchartrain, crossing the longest over-water road bridge in the world; a staggering 42km/26miles long!  They motor onwards into New Orleans and the overnight hotel, which is situated in the heart of the French Quarter and has a decidedly colonial-era feel to it.

Turn left out of the hotel and you’re on Bourbon Street which is host to loads of bars, lights, music and a great party atmosphere.  Turn right out of the hotel and head one street parallel and you’re on Royale which, with its galleries, antique shops and fine restaurants, which caters to those looking for a quieter experience.

Day 8 – New Orleans - Rest Day

There is so much to see and do in this great city that the only recommendation is to embrace the city’s unofficial motto and ‘let the good times roll’.

Day 9 – New Orleans, Louisiana to Galveston, Texas

Today, the rally will follow the Gulf of Mexico coast through swampland where there are lots of deserted roads and, unsurprisingly, lots of swamps!  The recce threw up plenty of ‘alligator evidence’ but were/weren't lucky/unlucky enough to see one.  However, the lady in a fuel station said they see them every day.  Note: the first person to utter a ‘make it snappy’ pun will be severely penalised...

Participants will likely partake of a picnic lunch in a national park overlooking the Gulf before following the coastline and hopping on a couple of ferries (dolphins can be seen following the ships) to Galveston, a pleasant seaside resort with a grand Art Deco hotel which will host the overnight halt.

Day 10 – Galveston to Austin

Today, the rally will follow the coast for nearly 60km/37miles along the Gulf of Mexico before heading north-west.

There are three regularities planned during the day;  ‘Texas Flats’, ‘Texas Ranch’ and ‘Texas Vines’ and the roads get progressively more interesting as the Texas Hills approach.

Visits to an asphalt test venue are being negotiated before ending the day at a grand, hillside hotel on the outskirts of Austin.

Day 11 – Austin to Wichita Falls

Today, the hills continue and participants will be almost spoilt for choice with gravel roads.

During the recce, the organisers found a pleasant lunch stop in a German café before entering the flat, fairly unremarkable part of the USA that is encountered on any trans-continental trip. The good news is that there will only be two of these on the rally and the second part has some great entertainment along the way.

Day 12 – Wichita Falls to Amarillo

Today includes some straight roads to start with before participants get to a small, isolated mountain chain featuring herds of roaming buffalo!  They will then enter a park where they will visit the impressive Quartz Mountain Resort which offers breathtaking scenery and a great lunch venue.

After a short regularity test in the afternoon, participants will head on to the town of Turkey which is home to the famous (?) ‘Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys’.  Their 1950's tour bus sits in a restored fuel station across the way from a fine little café.  Western (no Country & …) music memorabilia lines the walls.

The hotel and a great steakhouse will be most welcome after a long day of driving.

Day 13 – Amarillo, Texas to Santa Fe, New Mexico

The road out of town follows the route of the old Route 66.  Along the way, organisers found lots of interesting/slightly weird sights, including the strange Cadillac Ranch and lots of eerie deserted hotels and gas stations!

Further along, they found a superb, 1960s-style diner which participant will visit for an early lunch and an authentic milkshake.

After lunch, the route winds gradually upwards with a (fairly) grand canyon along the way before hitting the city of Santa Fe, New Mexico. The local vintage car club are looking forward to meeting rally participants!

Day 14 –Santa Fe - Rest Day

Being the oldest capital city in North America, we’re sure you’ll agree that Santa Fe is the perfect location for the rally’s third rest day. The city is brimming with history, culture and architecture, plenty of good shops, all kinds of bars and restaurants and lots of green, open spaces. Enjoy!

Day 15 – Santa Fe, New Mexico to Colorado Springs, Colorado

An interesting mountain route will take us up to Taos where organisers have identified a fabulous hotel for the all-important morning coffee stop.

The scenery remains spectacular as the group follow ‘The Highway of Legends’ with a couple of passes around the 3000m/9843ft mark. Then, taking in a couple of gravel regularities before reaching Colorado Springs and a fine hotel for the night, which features an impressive mountain backdrop.

Day 16 - Colorado Springs to Aspen

Very soon after leaving the hotel, the organisers passed a few of Colorado’s legal marijuana stores before arriving at the mighty Pike’s Peak. This one-way, asphalt road twists its way to over 4300m/14,108ft! On your way up, try to fathom exactly how Sébastien Loeb drove 19.99 kilometres in a time of 8m13.8s to average 140kph through the 156 corners.  Yes, it’s worth reading those statistics again…

The views from the top are said to be extraordinary but during the recce in late autumn 2017, organisers were greeted by fog, ice and snow and thus, saw nothing - roll on spring 2018!

Participants will then loop south to the fascinating town of Cripple Creek where the organisers have built half an hour into the schedule to allow for a smidgeon of exploring.  Afterwards, they will climb the Independence Pass and the Continental Divide before a narrow descent into the elegant ski town of Aspen. The hotel is top class and the good news is that tomorrow is a rest day so participants will have plenty of time to thoroughly enjoy their stay.

Day 17 – Aspen - Rest Day

This final rest day of the rally will give participants a chance to explore Aspen and dine at one of its many great restaurants. This town is full of attractions, including a fabulous bookshop café.

Day 18 – Aspen, Colorado to Park City, Utah

Fully refreshed, the group head north and into Utah’s Dinosaur Country … anyone who spots a live one wins the event!  A simple lunch stop is followed by a pair of regularities before arriving in Park City, host to the 2002 Winter Olympics for nearby Salt Lake City.

Day 19 – Park City, Utah to Boise, Idaho

On the recce the organisers bypassed the morning traffic by wiggling up some Alpine-style mountain roads before descending into Salt Lake City and its fast-flowing ring road.

Participants will visit a splendid motor sports complex and negotiate a couple of tests before heading west. They will have a time control at the famous Bonneville Salt Flats, where Captain George Eyston broke the World Land Speed Record three times in 1937 and 1938.  ERA’s HQ is located within the grounds of the Eyston family seat in East Hendred – indeed, their offices are the Old School House where the great man learned to read and write, so they couldn’t not go to this location!  Eyston left the record at a 357.5 mph (575.3 kph); a brave man indeed.

Lunch will be at the Salt Flats Café where lots of great speed record memorabilia plasters the walls. This place offers authentic Mexican cuisine and if time allows, participants may be able to visit any of the many establishments along the Utah/Nevada frontier.

A simple run north will take participants to Boise; a great little city in the agricultural lands of Idaho.

Day 20 – Boise, Idaho to Bend, Oregon

Out of Boise and you are straight into fruit country where a huge challenge awaits; namely, which is the best fruit pie?  Both the morning coffee stop and the lunch halt offer up worthy contenders so it will be a tough time making a choice!  The ‘Pie of the Recce’ was a draw but make sure your research includes the Marion Berry/Rhubarb pie which is only available locally. The ERA will award a competitor-voted, ‘Pie of the Rally’ Trophy which will be posted to the deserving recipient afterwards.

In the afternoon, the organisers found the rally’s final, long, smooth gravel sections through the Ochoco Forest and then, on their way to Bend they discovered a time-warp general store in the middle of nowhere.  A stop is obligatory.

The hotel in Bend is set just above the regenerated riverside area with restaurants and shops galore. It has been arranged for the hosts to provide drinks and canapés by the cars so that particpants can all make their own choice of dinner venue.

Day 21 – Bend to Newberg

A couple of long, asphalt mountain passes are on the menu today. The scenery is spectacular and the traffic is light; just as we like it!  After a coffee stop at a very welcoming biker pub, the organisers found the event’s final regularity on a quiet, twisty mountain road.

Just before the day ends, participants hope to be part of a classic drag race meeting with the chance to discover your car’s Standing Quarter Mile abilities.

Then, we make tracks to our fabulous night halt amongst Oregon’s vineyards. Cheers!

Day 22 – Newberg, Oregon to Seattle, Washington

Today features a lovely route through forests up to the state border and a spectacular Meccano-style bridge. Small spanners at the ready! Then it’s highway to Seattle and the prize-giving gala dinner in the downtown Fairmont.

It's time for participants to be proud of their achievement, whatever the leader-board may say, tonight is for celebration!  They and their classic car made it, from sea to shining sea.


May 27, 2018 @ 8:00 am
June 17, 2018 @ 5:00 pm


Seattle, Washington
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