Thanks to all who attended the BOCA South Australian Squadron Christmas lunch gathering, for your company and especially for your contribution to a most delicious and enjoyable first rate spread.

Our great appreciation goes to Cathy and Frank Cord-Udy for opening their home and extending an atmosphere of friendly hospitality to us all and for the work they put into the logistics, planning, cooking and the day's preparations – Thanks guys, a terrific effort!  Also thank you to Pam and Warren Leslie for turning their 2016 wine auction funds into beef, ham and chicken.

To our interstate guests who travelled from Western Australia, New South Wales and Victoria, we really appreciate you sharing the day with us and please feel free to join us again. Not quite an interstate trip but a significant journey.  It was great to catch up with Mary and Mike Osborne from Ardrossan. We welcome our latest BOCA members, Kaye and David Olds, who re-joined the BOCA the week prior.   We hope you enjoyed yourselves with the BOCA SA Squadron.

Bill Verco's photographs capture the day, below. Some will also be published in Club Express.

Well, that’s it for the BOCA SA Squadron for 2017, our last gathering for the year “Sortie # 8”.

Never Look Back from a Roller! Driver's seat Olive Bishop, Passenger front Sally Bell, Passenger rear Jennifer De’Champs, Driver's rear Jo Lewis


L-R Maddie Yates, John Yates, Rita Quinn


L-R Annette Verco, Maddie Yates, Cathy Cord-Udy


L-R Annette Verco, Jennifer De’Champs


L-R Annette Verco, John Hollway, Olive Bishop


L-R John Hollway, Cathy Cord-Udy


L-R Warren Leslie, Pam Leslie


L-R Richard Stanley, Rita Quinn


L-R Mike Osborne, Mary Osborne

22 of the 28 SAS Christmas lunch group


L-R Peter Forrester, Frank Cord-Udy


L-R John May, Sally Bell, Peter Bell


Part of the main course


L-R Richard Stanley, Peter Bell


L-R Richard Stanley, Kaye Olds, Pam Hollway, Rita Quinn, David Olds

The Menu:

Nibbles with drinks to start;

Brazilian Cheese bread balls, Marinated bocconcini, tomato and basil


Frank’s Baked Ham, Roast scotch fillet of Beef, Roast Chicken, Baked Cauliflower and Broccoli Cheese bake,

Potato Salad, Mixed green salad, Tossed Mediterranean salad, Salad of mixed roasted vegetables in herbs and oil, Spicy Thai Salad

Crusty Bread


Panettone chocolate and orange, Bread and butter pudding, Fresh fruit platter, Plum cake, Fruit salad and cream, Pecan Pie

And Then:

Cheese board with crackers, Stilton, Matured,Edam

Tawny port, Tea and coffee.


By Damian