Past Events

  • The 7th Peking to Paris 2019, 36-Day Endurance Rally – 2 June to 7 July – Bristol 403, Car 65, Silvia
               Bas and Paul with Silvia at the Great Wall at the start of the race on Sunday, 2 June 2019 Bas and Paul with Silvia 35 days later in Ypres, Belgium on Saturday, 6 July 2019 at the end of the competition stage of the Rally They made it! - Bas and Paul arriving in Place Vendome, Paris on Sunday, 7 July 2019    Bas and Paul with their winning trophies:  9th Overall in the Classic Category, 2nd in Class and 13th in the European Cup!  The 2019, 7th Peking to Paris Motor Challenge started from the Great Wall outside Beijing in … Read more
  • Trans-America Challenge 2018 – Charleston to Seattle – 22 days, 9,360 kilometres – 27 May to 17 June 2018
    BOCA Club members, Paul Hickman and Sebastian (Bas) Gross (of Peking to Paris fame), competed in the Endurance Rally Association's 9,360-kilometre (more than 5,800 miles) Trans-America Challenge 2018 in Paul's Bristol 403, Silvia, from Charleston, North Carolina to Seattle, Washington. Congratulations Bas and Paul, pictured receiving their Third in Class Awards at the celebratory dinner on the final night of the Rally Paul and Bas' Third in Class Trophy On Top of the World - Silvia climbs the mighty Pikes Peak (4,302 metres/14,115 feet), Colorado Springs, on Day 16 of the Rally, Monday, 11 June - photograph courtesy of Gerard Brown Driving flat out … Read more
  • Paul Hickman’s Bristol 403, Silvia, graces the program cover for the Adriatic Adventure Rally in 2019
    The Adriatic Adventure is a 12-day rally in September 2019 taking in the mountains of the inland Balkans and the dazzling brilliance of the Adriatic coastline. Paul Hickman's Bristol 403, Silvia, that competed in the 2016 Peking to Paris graces the program cover for this event in 2019.
  • SA: Celebrating Christmas South Australian Squadron style!
    Thanks to all who attended the BOCA South Australian Squadron Christmas lunch gathering, for your company and especially for your contribution to a most delicious and enjoyable first rate spread. Our great appreciation goes to Cathy and Frank Cord-Udy for opening their home and extending an atmosphere of friendly hospitality to us all and for the work they put into the logistics, planning, cooking and the day's preparations – Thanks guys, a terrific effort!  Also thank you to Pam and Warren Leslie for turning their 2016 wine auction funds into beef, ham and chicken. To our interstate guests who travelled … Read more
  • Bristols take over town
    The recent four-day run to Binalong, Coolamon, Temora, Young and Cowra made a splash in the local news! On October 25, Young's newspaper, The Young Witness, featured a story previewing the run and the cars and the club: "Bristols to take over town". On October 30, they featured a slideshow of the cars and run participants at the Young Railway Station. Magnificent! Victor and Patricia Smiley photographed in their 403 at the Young Railway Station  
  • South Australian Squadron’s 300 Miglia Sortie de Pizzaz
    For the past few years the South Australian Squadron have run a three-day, two-night style event which has seen them enjoy some terrific adventures.  The 2017 edition proved to be no exception, full of fun, laughs, excellent roads, scrumptious food and great camraderie as the Squadron forayed on a 300 mile sortie to pick up some pizza.  Peter Forrester, Jo Lewis and Mary and Mike Osborne and Alan and Hilary Miller report.
  • Peking to Paris, 36-day Endurance Rally – 12 June – 17 July 2016 – Bristol 403, Car 58, Silvia – the definitive record
    On the last day of the Peking to Paris on Sunday, 17 July 2016, Paul Hickman and Sebastian (Bas) Gross, in a Bristol 403, Silvia, travelled the final 180 kilometres of her amazing 13,695 kilometre journey from Reims in France to the finish line in Place Vendome, Paris, achieving 1st in Class and 11th Overall. They were also awarded Best Classic Team and Bas was awarded Best Mechanic - WE CONGRATULATE PAUL AND BAS ON A FANTASTIC EFFORT The 2016, 6th edition, Peking to Paris Motor Challenge started from the Great Wall outside Beijing on Sunday, 12 June and finished … Read more
  • Silvia in London
    From Rob Mann, BOCA UK Correspondent Hot news from London is that Silvia graced the tarmac of Pall Mall on Sunday, 24 July, right opposite the venerable RAC Club. In the opulent surroundings of the Club itself, a bunch of BOC folk had gathered to congratulate Paul and Sebastian, and celebrate their epic achievement with Silvia in the Peking-to-Paris Rally. Organised by President Geoffrey Herdman and Chairman Mark Alford, champagne flowed to begin with, followed by a hearty traditional roast beef lunch for the lads, thinking they might be a bit mal-nourished after the long journey and in need of … Read more
  • Bristols at Gnoo Blas – February 2016
    Here we present Vic Smiley's Gnoo Blas event report. The Gnoo Blas Classic Car and Bike Show in Orange was blessed with two clear sunny days for this event staged at the former Gnoo Blas road racing circuit. The Saturday display in Sir Jack Brabham Park was followed by Sunday’s tour of the local countryside around Canobolas to Lake Canololas for morning tea then a picnic lunch for those fortunate to be there in Cook Park Gardens. There was a record turnout of cars on display, 537 vehicles, including modified cars, various large trucks, vintage cars and motorbikes, both modern … Read more
  • Another new Bristol revealed
    The Bristol 'Bullet' is revealed: Bristol Cars has released the new sports car, officially named the 'Bullet' and celebrating 70 years of Bristol Early indication of ‘Project Pinnacle’ hinted at the development of an electric powertrain for Bristol’s flagship, from potential collaboration with Bristol Automotive Group’s partner, electric drivetrain specialist Fraser Nash. However, it has since been confirmed that the Bullet will be powered by a BMW sourced, 4.8-litre naturally-aspirated V8, set to produce around 400bhp. It will be specifically tuned to give more low end torque, meaning a 0-62mph time of around five seconds. The cars will be constructed in … Read more
  • New Bristol Pinnacle Revealed at Goodwood
    The new Bristol is revealed! Showing a rather retro set of lines (with fins, no less), and unusual paintwork, the new Bristol Pinnacle prototype went public at the Goodwood Festival of Speed on Friday, 24 June. Built on a carbon fibre chassis and powered by a naturally aspirated BMW V8, it is anticipated that the Bristol which will go into production in 2017 will be based on this prototype. The Bristol Bullet has been spotted in full production form ahead of its public unveiling later this month. The Bullet name for the production version of the Project Pinnacle concept car … Read more
  • Keep up with the latest Peking to Paris updates
    The Peking to Paris finished on Sunday, 17 July a the Place Vendome in Paris - Paul and Sebastian came 1st in their Class, 11th Overall and were awarded Beat Classic Team and Bas was awarded Best Mechanic. See the links below for further information on the rally including a photographic journey video from the official rally photographer, Gerard Brown Use these links to keep up with the latest developments, or scroll down to see their latest Facebook updates. Relive the highlights of the Peking to Paris 2016: View all of 11 videos beginning with the part 1 link below filmed by … Read more
  • The Peking to Paris Bristol – More than just a rally car
    The first ever Peking to Paris event took place in 1907. It came about as a challenge in the Paris newspaper Le Matin on 31 January 1907, reading: “What needs to be proved today is that as long as a man has a car, he can do anything and go anywhere. Is there anyone who will undertake to travel this summer from Peking to Paris by automobile?” The race, as it was called, began from the French embassy in Peking on 10 June 1907. There were originally forty entrants, but only five actually started from Peking. Shell supported the race … Read more
  • Bristols in Motion Inaugural Award
    Bob Leffler inaugural recipient of The Bristols in Motion Award. Bob Dunk and Greg Mead - Club Men of the year 2014


2013 National Rally - Bob Leffler and John Cooper's write-up was published in the BOC Bulletin, issue 147.