BOCA Club members, Paul Hickman and Sebastian (Bas) Gross (of Peking to Paris fame), competed in the Endurance Rally Association's 9,360-kilometre (more than 5,800 miles) Trans-America Challenge 2018 in Paul's Bristol 403, Silvia, from Charleston, North Carolina to Seattle, Washington.

Congratulations Bas and Paul, pictured receiving their Third in Class Awards at the celebratory dinner on the final night of the Rally
Paul and Bas' Third in Class Trophy
On Top of the World - Silvia climbs the mighty Pikes Peak (4,302 metres/14,115 feet), Colorado Springs, on Day 16 of the Rally, Monday, 11 June
- photograph courtesy of Gerard Brown
Driving flat out on the Boneville Salt Flats on Day 19, Thursday, 14 June from Park City, Utah to Bend, Oregon
Silvia kicking up some dust in Texas, en route from Galveston to Austin on Day 10 of the Rally, Tuesday, 5 June
- photograph courtesy of Gerard Brown
Paul and Bas Slipping and a Sliding in the regularity trials towards Nashville Tennessee - photograph courtesy of Gerard Brown
Endurance Rally Association - ERA

Looking forward to welcoming Peking to Paris competitors Paul Hickman and Bas Gross on the TransAmericaChallenge in the 1954 Bristol 403. See the rest of the 'runners and riders' here…/trans-america-2018-participants

If you would like to TRACK SILVIA on the TransAm Rally, Car 11, Paul Hickman and Sebastian Gross, follow this Link:

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