BOCA President, Sebastian (Bas) Gross, is currently competing in the 14,000-kilometre 8th Peking to Paris for the third time.  This event is taking place between 18 May and 23 June. 

This time, Bas isn't competing in a Bristol (with our Vice President, Paul Hickman), as in his previous two editions. Instead, he is in Car 18, an Alvis Fire Fly 12/70, with Alex Vassbotten.  Paul’s former Bristol 403, Silvia, is also in the race -  Car 62, being driven by John and Rob Buchanan from New Zealand.

Silvia in the 2019 Peking to Paris

Links to follow

If you would like to follow the race, here is a link to the HERO-ERA website (The Historic Endurance Rally Organisation; The Classic Rally Association and The Endurance Rally Association):

HERO-ERA | Peking to Paris Motor Challenge 2024 - HERO-ERA

Watch a video of Day one here: HERO-ERA Films | Peking to Paris 2024 - HERO-ERA

Daily updates can be found here: Peking to Paris 2024 News - HERO-ERA

If you would like to follow Bas, here is a link to his Facebook page, Bristol Sebastian: Bristol Sebastian | Kendall NSW | Facebook


China - Part 1

Day 1: Beijing to Datong (18 May 2024)
Day 2: Datong to Hohhot
Day 3: Hohhot to Ordos
Day 4: Ordos to Nan Liang Tai
Day 5: Nan Liang Tai to Tengger Desert
Day 6: Tengger Desert to Jiayuguan
Day 7: Jiayuguan to Dunhuang
Day 8: Dunhuang Rest Day
Day 9: Dunhuang to Gobi

China Part 2

Day 10: Gobi to Great Sea Road
Day 11: Great Sea Road to ürümqi
Day 12: Ürümqi to Forest Park
Day 13: Forest Park to Horga
Day 14: Horgas to Almaty


Day 14: Horgas to Almaty
Day 15: Almaty Rest Day
Day 16: Almaty to Shymkent
Day 17: Shymkent to Kyzylorda
Day 18:  Kyzylorda to Akespe
Day 19: Akespe to Beyneu
Day 20: Beyneu to Aktau
Day 21: Car Shipping/Travel to Baku

Azerbaijan / Georgia

Day 22: Rest Day Baku
Day 23: Car Collection Baku
Day 24: Baku to Qakh
Day 25: Qakh to Tbilisi
Day 26: Tbilisi to Erzurum

Turkey / Greece

Day 27: Erzurum to Sivas
Day 28: Sivas to Ankara
Day 29: Ankara to Istanbul
Day 30: Istanbul Rest Day
Day 31: Istanbul to Thessaloniki
Day 32: Thessaloniki to Igoumenitsa

San Marino / Italy / France

Day 33: Overnight Ferry to San Marino
Day 34: San Marino to Genoa
Day 35: Genoa to Aix-Les-Bains
Day 36: Aix-Les-Bains to Dijon
Day 37: Dijon to Paris (23 June 2024)

Previous editions

If you would like to read the BOCA write-ups from the previous 6th and 7th Peking to Paris, here are the links:

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The 7th Peking to Paris 2019, 36-Day Endurance Rally - 2 June to 7 July - Bristol 403, Car 65, Silvia - Bristol Owners Club Of Australia